I believe transparency is a good basis for public credibility.

Transparency of individuals and organisations is necessary for finding truth, because it reveals relations and interests.

There should be a balance between transparency and privacy though, so I'm very open for suggestions on what I could add to, or should remove from this page!

Personal focus

1) Elected council member @ Municipal Council of Enschede 2) Active membership of Volt Europa to improve effective societal engagement of (aspiring) members. On the European, national (Netherlands) and local (Twente) level. 3) Thesis @ my study Cyber Security at the University of Twente. 4) Learning through listening podcasts, reading books & articles and having dialogues with anyone who is up for it.

People around me

I don't believe in being independent, and I don't aspire to become independent. Many people have helped me to become who I have become, and still help me to do what I do. I love you :–) – My girlfriend, who complements me in so many aspects – My parents, who have already supported me for 29 years – My brother, who sharpens my thoughts and ideals

My dear friends, who: – Inspire me with their ideals – Walk with me – Talk with me – Run with me – Give me advice on books, jobs, courses, health and relationships – Give me feedback on mistakes & suggestions for improvement – Offer their precious time to have conversations and discussions :–)

When in doubt, follow the...


Negative, I have a high study loan (€40000+) :')

Current income

1) €1983,47 (netto), €2262,15 (bruto) per month as renumeration for being a member of the Municipal Council and for being the chairperson of our parliamentary group (€85,49 bruto extra).

2) I sometimes give art & architecture tours on the campus of the University of Twente, for ~€45 for a 1-hour tour (we also get paid for preparation). It costs you €70 per hour. Or, if you organise a reunion for your association or student house, you can contact the alumni bureau and ask for a tour for free!


I often hear people from my age talking about investments. I don't really know what to think about investments. I don't want to invest in something that doesn't really tanglibly add value to society. If I invest I want to invest on something tangible. My money is a loan from the government anyway, so I know I shouldn't really invest. But then again, I understand the point that money on your bank account is only losing value. So for a low amount of money, I feel that I have to try how 'my way of investing' works for me. Ideally, I would like to invest in small non-profit entrepreneurs who need capital to grow a bit. If you have other ideas or suggestions, please let me know! Currently, I invest in 2 things: 1) €200 (March 2022) in the Triodos Fair Share Fund via my bank. Through microfinancing in low-income countries, it should somehow help entrepreneurs there while creating more money for me. Let's see. 2) €1000 (August 2022) for the CrowdAboutNow loan campaign by the Dutch satiristic media outlet De Speld. If their business goes well, they will return my investment periodically over 5 years, with 3% per year. Let's see.

Periodical donations

1) €101,22 per month to Volt Enschede. By being elected through Volt, you sign an agreement that, because you were helped in your position by all the volunteers and employees of the association, you agree to share a percentage of your bruto income to the level within Volt where you were elected.


1) Volt since 2021 → I became a member of the political party Volt as I wanted to become politically active myself. 2) Sustain (UT) since 2019 → I became a member of Sustain when I discovered there was an association that tries to bring students together who want to do something against the climate crisis. 3) KIVI since 2016 → I became a member when I became a board member of KIVI Students Twente (I was in the board until 2021).

Journalistic Subscriptions

1) Follow the Money 2) De Correspondent 3) NRC 4) Filosofie Magazine 5) De Ingenieur 6) Tubantia (subscribed because I'm an elected representative in Enschede)

Public broadcaster memberships 1) VPRO → I became a member because of Zondag met Lubach :–) Now I'm also a big fan of Danny's Wereld. 2) Human → I became a member of Human because of one video that helped me a lot during a depression. I also like that they make stuff about philosophy. 3) Zwart → I became a member of Zwart because of the worldwide Black Lives Matter demonstrations. I didn't feel like I heard stories about racism from people in my bubble, so I definitely had to look somwhere outside of my bubble. I hope they will realise their goal of giving specifically people of colour more stage in the media. So far I have seen nothing but I believe they are still setting up the organisation (?).

Incidental or historical donations

2022: €50 to AntennaPod: via OpenCollective 2022: €25 to Wikipedia

Historical income

2011 – 2022: Monthly donation from my parents. For them, it felt like a bottomless well. Well... :) 2021 – December: €750 as keynote-speaker (1,5 hours) at the 'Future of Psychology' symposium of study association Dimensie of the University of Twente. 2021 – June: €1250 for my Show me the Data! series for the University of Twente's online talk show Campus Talks

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